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Ruth Babs Asper

by Aliza Davidovit

They say that behind every great man there is a great woman. Indeed, behind Israel Asper, chairman of CanWest Global Communications Corp., there is a great woman. But what makes his wife greater than most Jewish wives is that she refuses to take credit for her husband's accomplishments. She is the kind of person who would never says, "If it wasn't for me...." In fact, she says that her husband is his own man, and that frankly, he would have achieved success even without her. [read more]


babs asper interview

David Asper

by Aliza Davidovit

David Asper had saved the world ---at least by Talmudic standards For according to the rabbinical teachings, one who saves even a single life is considered as if he had saved an entire world. Although Asper couldn't save the life of murder and rape victim Gail Miller, he did save the life of the wrongly convicted man who had served 23 years in prison for a crime he didn't comit. [read more]

David Asper Interview - by Aliza Davidovit

Gail Asper

by Aliza Davidovit

It is hard to believe that the sub-zero temperatures of Winnipeg, Canada could nurture and produce someone as warm, lovely and vivacious as Gail Asper. The middle child and only daughter of Babs and Izzy Asper is the complete opposite of what anyone might expect her to be. She is devoid of all pretense or snobbery and seems oblivious to the fact that she is the daughter of a billionaire and Canada's most influential media mogul, Israel Asper, executive chairman of CanWest Global Communications.  [read more]



Gail Asper Interview - The Gift of Giving

Israel Asper

by Aliza Davidovit

The last thing Leon Asper wanted his youngest son Israel to become was a lawyer. Leon and his wife Cecilia were both classical musicians who had fled to Manitoba, Canada in the 1920s to escape the pogroms of their native Ukraine. They had witnessed during the Great Depression how people used to pay their lawyers with bags of potatoes. Law was not an income-earning profession for a Jewish boy. (How many latkes can a lawyer eat?) But young Israel, nicknamed “Izzy,” was determined nonetheless to become an advocate. Frustrated with his son’s persistence, Leon said one day, “Let me show you how you are going to end up.” He took his son down the street to where a man with a long, white beard was selling newspapers. “That’s what you’re going to end up doing,” he said, “selling newspapers.” It turns out that Leon Asper was not only a great musician, he was also a prophet.[read more]


israel asper interview

Leonard Asper

by Aliza Davidovit

If eyes were a window to the soul then one can't help but feel like a Peeping Tom when looking into Leonard Asper's inviting, intense clear blue eyes. His eyes are uniquely engaging, but they are also unyielding. They make it difficult to tell if you have reached his personal inner sanctum orhardly made it past the door. [read more]

Leonard Asper Interview - by Aliza Davidovit

Danny Ayalon

by Aliza Davidovit

Israel’s hippest and “hottest” former ambassador to the United States, Danny Ayalon, could easily adopt the chorus from Bon Jovi’s recent hit song “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?” as the anthem for his new mission: to revitalize immigration of Diaspora Jewry to the State of Israel. And although Ayalon is not about to become a singing ambassador, he wholeheartedly echoes the sentiments of the popular lyrics: “Who says you can’t go home / There’s only one place that call[s] me one of their own.”

[read more]


Danny Ayalon Interview - by Aliza Davidovit

Kenneth Bialkin

by Aliza Davidovit

Perhaps the blue-andwhite pushke (charity box) Kenneth Bialkin remembers seeing in his grandparents’ house has had more influence over him than he might have imagined. Through a slit that measured as narrow as the hope of Europe’s Jews during WWII, dimes and dollars, prayers and dreams were pushed into that tin box. As the coins dropped to the bottom, they clanked in solidarity in a common struggle: Jews giving to help other Jews, giving to help themselves, perpetual partners in the struggles of their Jewish homeland, the State of Israel. Indeed, as with all collection boxes, what you put in is ultimately what you get out. [read more]


Kenneth Bialkin Interview - A Born Leader

Wolf Blitzer

by Aliza Davidovit

History can provide mankind with many great answers, but it is truly the great questions that can direct the course of history. Wolf Blitzer asked one such question over two decades ago and redirected not only his own career, but also the course that peace would take between Arabs and Jews in the Middle East. When Wolf Blitzer raised his hand 23 years ago at a Blair House press conference in Washington, D.C. hosted by Anwar Sadat, neither could have anticipated where the young journalist’s question would lead. Blitzer recounts in his 1985 book, Between Washington and Jerusalem, how he looked Sadat right in the eye when he introduced himself as a reporter from The Jerusalem Post. [read more]


Wolf Blitzer Interview - Tough Love

Michael R. Bloomberg

by Aliza Davidovit

Cupid’s bow has pierced the core of the city. Storefront windows abound with heart- shaped mobiles and chocolates packaged in red velvet boxes. Long-stemmed roses overfill the buckets lining the street corner markets. Flower delivery men scurry across town, their faces hidden behind big bouquets. Finely dressed businessmen clutch their briefcases in one hand, and swing small pink Victoria’s Secret bags in the other. As an ebullience of amity overtakes the ever-hectic Manhattan on Valentine’s Day, one of its better-known citizens also celebrates his birthday, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. How apropos that the man who restored the pulse to a city once victimized by hate was born on a day that pays tribute to love. And as the mayor receives good wishes for his own special day, he whispers to his special Valentines— his denizens of the five boroughs—“I love New York.” [read more]


Michael R. Bloomberg Interview - City of Opportunity


Michael Bolton

by Aliza Davidovit

His soft, kind eyes are as luring as a sky blue pool on a steamy, summer day. You want to jump in—you want to luxuriate in the kindness they extend. But the warning sign soon becomes apparent: "Private property, no trespassers allowed.” If eyes are supposed to be the windows to the soul, Michael Bolton has drawn the shutters.... [read more]

Michael Bolton Interview - The Voice Within

Corey Booker

by Aliza Davidovit

Most politicians, with self-puffery, are prone to broadcasting all the great causes that they live for; some declare with bravado, like George W. Bush, what they are ready to kill for. But few care to share, as does senatorial candidate Cory Booker, what they are ready to die for. [read more]


David Borowich

by Aliza Davidovit

As the popular hip-hop song “Drop It Like Its Hot” began to play, more people squeezed their
way on to the already crowded dance floor. The club was bubbling in celebration as bartenders
were busy pouring slushy drinks for the overheated pack. Both floors of New York’s Massive West Chelsea nightspot were dense with people coming and going through the maze-like rooms that kept leading to further antechambers of fun.  [read more]


 David Borowich Interview - Re-Generation

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

by Aliza Davidovit

In his tiny Smart car, one can point to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach at 5’6” and truly say, “Size doesn’t matter.” As he revs up his mission in life, he sounds like a Hummer and roars like a warrior. Newsweek has called him “the most famous rabbi in America” and what others have called him may not be fit for print. But what is most likable about him ...  [read more]

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Nancy Goodman Brinker

by Aliza Davidovit

When the svelte, 5’10” brunette beauty walks across a room, her comportment bespeaks elegance, confidence and regal poise. It is remarkable that this first female American Ambassador to Hungary never thought of herself in terms of being beautiful and still remembers herself as the little chubby girl she once was. But Nancy Goodman Brinker was raised to recognize the ephemeral nature of surface beauty and to focus on longer lasting possessions, such as education and knowledge, self achievement and societal contributions—not merely to make an appearance, but to make a difference. [read more]


Nancy Goodman Brinker Interview - Living a Promise


Aaron Brown

by Aliza Davidovit

When John F. Kennedy was shot to death on November 22, 1963, the entire world was glued to the television in a manner unprecedented in broadcast history. All Americans were shocked, some were heartbroken, and many were filled with uncertainty. But there was one 10-year-old American boy named Aaron who was never more certain of anything than what he had decided that day: He would become one of those men he watched with fascination on TV, the ones with front row seats to history—a reporter. From his living room, the young boy watched the continuous news coverage and was enraptured by the immediacy of TV. He knew he wanted to be “there” wherever “there” was. [read more]


Aaron Brown Interview - Know News Is Good News

David Bryan

by Aliza Davidovit

“Wake up, wake up” the shofar cries, for the sounds of the ancient instrument are meant to serve as an alarm clock and awaken slumbering Jewish souls. Thus, in temples across the globe, congregants listen anxiously whether the man blowing the sanctified ram’s horn has the stamina to issue forth the meaningful mighty blasts. In Temple Emanu-El in New Jersey, indeed he does. The children watch and listen in fascination as the man with the kind blue eyes delivers the most powerful and lengthy shofar call they have ever heard. And as they focus their attention toward the pulpit, they find not a longbearded rabbi trained in shofar blowing, but rather David Bryan, a longhaired rock star whose celebrated career has not only awakened people, but brought 100 million fans to their feet. [read more]


David Bryan Interview - Starting in Middle C


Congressman Eric Cantor

by Aliza Davidovit

 We can learn a lot about Eric Cantor by the one inanimate object he'd have if his house was on fire. Unlike some who say they'd grab their awards, photos or wallets, Cantor fires back with an answer as if he'd rehearsed it his whole life. "My tefillin," he says, without hesitation. And though it is just about the one question he has never been asked before as a Congressman, it reveals much more about him than the usual canned politicians' responses. [read more]

Congressman Eric Cantor - Fighting for Freedom


Mark S. Charendoff

by Aliza Davidovit

 It's not only a woman's prerogative to change her mind. Mark S. Charendoff, President of the Jewish Funders Network, has made his best decisions by changing his mind. Luckily for him, for his wife, for Charles Bronfman, for Judaism and for humanity itself, "no" was not always his final answer. Growing up in an Italian neighborhood in Toronto, Canada, Charendoff was just 5 years old when he was faced with his first very difficult question by a 9-year-old Italian friend. It was one of those rare questions where "yes" and "no" were both the correct responses. His young neighbor had asked Charendoff whether he was a Canadian or a Jew? ...

Mark S. Charendoff Interview - Coming Soon


Mark Cuban

by Aliza Davidovit

Turns out you may not have to be a doctor to be a Jewish mother’s dream. In fact, businessman Mark Cuban may have upped the ante for other nice boys vying for maternal endorsement. By the age of 30, Cuban was already a self-made millionaire; by age 39 he upgraded to billionaire; at 41 he bought a basketball team for $280 million, and much to the heartbreak of aspiring mother-in-laws, the enticing bachelor was married by age 43. If Cuban has been able to grasp more than a fistful of the American dream,it is because he did not .... [read more]

Mark Cuban Interview - No Balls No Babies


Brunello Cuccinelli

by Aliza Davidovit

 When Brunello Cucinelli weaves a tale, it is as delightful and beautiful as the luxury line of cashmere garments he produces. His Language is poetic, his thoughts profound. It almost seems incongruous coming from this very rugged and handsome man. [read more]

Brunello Cucinelli Interview by Aliza Davidovit

Aliza Davidovit

by P.A. Davidson

 When she walks down the street, heads turn and cars stop. Few would believe that this elegant, curvaceous, strawberry blonde, who has the allure of the silver-screen sirens of days gone by, [was] the wife of an Orthodox rabbi. “If there were rebbetzins like Aliza around in my day, I’d still be a rabbi,” says comedian and close friend Jackie Mason, adding, “She has the brains of Henry Kissinger and the body of Marilyn Monroe.” To say that Aliza Davidovit is the embodiment of contrasts is an understatement. A mere glance at her personal library contributes to the enigma of this young woman. One side of the room shelves several books about her idol Marilyn Monroe; the other is filled with books on Kabbalah, biblical exegeses...Davidovit admits that trying to make it in New York can reallytire a person out. “I was so disappointed to find out that sleeping your way to the top didn’t mean waking up at noon every day,” Davidovit  jokes. [read more]


Aliza Davidovit Article - From the Heart

Trevor Davis

by Aliza Davidovit

South Africa is known for its unique flora and fauna—its rare plants, birds, animals, insects, fish and of course, its precious diamonds. It is thus not surprising that the soil that nurtured these natural splendors, could rear a man as special as Trevor Davis. Davis is very much a product of his native homeland. “I am fortunate to have grown up in a colonial country with old fashioned ideals, ethics and morals,” he says. “It is very different than the way young people grow up in the States. And though he touts his birthplace today, when he was a young man studying at MIT he would tell people he was born in Australia.... [read more]

Trevor Davis Interview - The Dream Builder

Gerard Djaoui

by Aliza Davidovit

 With his sophisticated French accent, striking looks and aristocratic comportment, it is hard to imagine who could better serve as Cartier International’s director than the one-of-a-kind Gerard Djaoui, who fittingly sits at the head of the legendary company that has serviced and jeweled kings and queens and adorned aristocrats across the world.
Cartier was founded in 1847 by Louis Francois Cartier in a small jewelry workshop in Paris, France. During the reign of Napoleon III, fashion, flair and fun returned to Paris. The times encouraged the expansion of ... [read more]

Gerard Djaoui Interview - Gem of a Man


Rebecca Eichler - The Nude Artist

by Aliza Davidovit

coming soon...

Rebecca Eichler Article by Aliza Davidovit - The Nude Artist


Shlomo Eplboim

by Aliza Davidovit

While his buddies basked in the Mediterranean sun frolicking on Tel Aviv’s beautiful beach and playing Israeli racketball, Shlomo Eplboim did not join in. What he saw when he looked at the blue ocean, the beige sand and the yellow sun was the color of money. At a young age, Eplboim (eppel-boy-m) saw the hustle and bustle of the Tel Aviv shore not so much as a recreational hot spot, but as a money-making opportunity. The enterprising Israeli would load up his car with watermelons, halve them, and then sell them on the beach. When this idea proved fruitful, he expanded his product line and began to sell T- shirts imprinted with designer logos—although he did not swear to their authenticity. [read more]



Shlomo Eplboim Interview - The Color of Money

Joseph Farah: REVISITED

by Aliza Davidovit

I once called Joseph Farah an “Arabian Knight.” For, I had rarely come across anyone who would risk his life and well-being to defend someone else's country--especially when that country is the State of Israel. But Joseph Farah has done just that. With an arsenal of well-founded words, Farah, editor and CEO of, has fired back against Israel’s detractors and has stood by the tiny country through very difficult times proving himself to be an editorially stalwart ally. By strict definition, however, Joseph Farah should be an unlikely friend of the Jewish homeland–-he is, after all, an Arab-American.[read more]

Joseph Farah Interview - Arabian Knight


Raoul Lionel Felder

by Aliza Davidovit

It is not long after he walks into the posh, dimly lit New York restaurant that the whispering and elbow jabs begin. Patrons failing in their efforts at being discreet turn their heads to look. The maitre d’ ushers over two complimentary drinks. Do they know him from TV? Do they know him personally? Or are they simply curious about a man whose mere presence commands attention. Unlike most attorneys, when Raoul Lionel Felder enters a room, he does not need to open his mouth to make a bold statement. His regal comportment, his classy demeanor and his confident, savvy eyes amply convey that someone of preeminence has arrived. Lawyering skills aside, it is not for naught that this world famous advocate has been deemed the “King of Divorce.” [read more]

Raoul Lionel Felder Interview - When The Honeymoon's Over

Yuri Foreman

by Aliza Davidovit

 To begin to unravel the mystery of Yuri Foreman, you’d have to pull at two strings, two strings which seem as incompatible as barbwire and silk that it’s hard to believe they can weave into one consistent story. But they do, and it’s an invigorating, inspiring, and sometimes bloody story where long-held dreams come true and new ones are being spun. [read more]



Undefeated Middle-Weight Chapion Yuri Forman Interviewed by Aliza Davidovit

Tzameret Fuerst

by Aliza Davidovit

 When one thinks of leaders of Jewish organizations, the picture that tends to come to  mind is that of a male who is over 60 and has a  furrowed, worried brow. They worry about  Israel, the next generation, Jewish continuity,  anti-Semitism and other relevant issues that affect Jewish well-being and perpetuity. And  though driven with the best of intentions, often  their solutions and approaches are wrinkled  and stodgy too. [read more] 


Tzameret Fuerst Interview by Aliza Davidovit

Gloria Garfinkle

by Aliza Davidovit

"Behind nine-foot door steel doors in " Hell-Chel," as the artist calls the area where her studio is located--below New York City's Hell's Kitchen and above Chelsea--the magical and exciting sounds of Phillip Glass' "Glass Pieces" fill the spacious large-windowed art studio. The large bright green plants seem nurtured by the musical splendor. But when Gloria Garfinkel pulls out her paints, chisels and drills, this tranquil hub is transformed into the creative hub-bub that has earned her several awards and up to $45,000 for select pieces of her work."



 Gloria Garfinkle Article by Aliza Davidovit

Brad Garrett

by Aliza Davidovit

When he was gored by a bull in his rear-end, it was not the worst thing that ever happened to NYPD Lieutenant Robert Barone. There was also the time when Barone, the single 40-something, walked into his parents’ home only to find his mother hosting a lunch for three of his peeved ex-girlfriends to discuss his character flaws. And then there was the time when .... [read more]

Brad Garrett Interview - Don't Ray on His Parade

Ambassador Dan Gillerman

by Aliza Davidovit

As Mickey Mantle batted balls out of the stadium and Neil Armstrong launched into space, young boys watched starry-eyed, longing to one day emulate their heroes. Dan Gillerman was no different. As a child he too had a hero, but not one that inspired him to fall asleep wearing his baseball mitt or to hang mobiles of Apollo 11 over his bed. With a mature understanding of world affairs at the age of 10, Gillerman says the man he idolized most was Abba Eban, one of Israel’s finest diplomats, orators, and politicians. [read more] 


Ambassador Dan Gillerman Interview - A Bridge Over Troubled Water


Ira Heller

by Aliza Davidovit

His short, casually parted hair, those sincere, hazel green eyes, a radiant and flawless complexion, and that picture perfect smile revealing an enviable set of pearly whites, all suggest anything but a talented and internationally acclaimed musician. But that's exactly what you have in Ira Heller, a gifted singer-songwriter who has inexplicably managed to... [read more]

 Ira Heller Interview - Striking a Chord


Marvin Himelfarb

by Aliza Davidovit

 My name is Marvin Himelfarb. Currently I live in New York
City, one of the most exciting cities in the world. I’m one of those people who actively enjoys every New York treasures, from its Broadway shows to it’s great restaurants, piano bars and cabarets. From working  behind the scenes to sitting front row, I know, there is no business like show business. [read more]


Marvin Himelfarb - Behind it all


Malcolm Hoenlein

by Aliza Davidovit

Israel’s Prime Minister Golda Meir quietly pulled President Richard Nixon aside and insisted that her job was much more difficult than his. “You may be the president of 250 million people,” she said, “but I’m the prime minister of five million prime ministers.” If you pause to laugh it is because that aged tale still reflects the fiber of the Jewish people, a nation deemed by their own God as stiff-necked. Perhaps no one can laugh—or cry—at that joke better than Malcolm I. Hoenlein, who sits at the head of an organization that represents 52 Jewish presidents. As the Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations representing agencies from across the political and religious spectrum, the slightly more current joke is that Hoenlein quietly pulled Golda Meir aside and said his job was harder than hers.[read more]


Malcolm Hoenlein Interview - United We Stand

Congressman Rush Holt

By Aliza Davidovit

Is it any surprise that the Jewish person Congressman Rush Holt (D-NJ) admires most is physicist Albert Einstein? Holt, the eight-term congressman who is now running for the  U.S. Senate, is himself a brilliant scientist and one of only two physicists in Congress. Frankly, there is even something “scientific” about his general comportment. Holt, by pleasant contradistinction to the gascons galore in government...[read more]

Congressman Steny Hoyer

byAliza Davidovit

 The third-most-powerful man in Washington, D.C., an open any door, but he still prefers the old fashioned way—to open them for women. The tall, graceful, handsome congressman with soulful, caring blue eyes often forgets himself and opens the door for the female security detail that is there to protect him. They smile at his habitual instinct, though some may question whether, in this day and age, his good manners are still politically correct.[read more]

Congressman Steny Hoyer - Coming Soon

Colonel David Hunt

by Aliza Davidovit


Coming Soon...

Colonel David Hunt Interview - Coming Soon

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

by Aliza Davidovit

As the visiting speaker and her aide sped toward the female penitentiary in Ramle, Israel, she still had not formulated a speech with which to address the Jewish inmates. The delay was born from Esther Jungreis’s concern that her remarks to the prisoners might be misinterpreted as condescending or judgmental. The prisoners already knew they had erred and she wasn’t going there to remind them. Jungreis hoped that God would inspire her as He has done a thousand times before with a meaningful message—one that would motivate these young women to ...[read more]


Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis Interview - Rising Above

Larry King

by Aliza Davidovit

 The sign hanging on the radio-station wall was an ominous directive both to the veteran reporters who wanted to maintain their careers and to the young wannabes eager to make it. The bespectacled Larry King was just starting out himself when he read those guiding words: “When in doubt, leave it out,” the sign cautioned. But an insatiably curious and courageous King ignored the “writing on the wall,” and proudly tells how throughout his career he always broke that rule. “If I felt like saying something, I said it,” King tells. “If I was curious about something, I asked the question. I was never afraid to say I don’t know.” [read more]

Larry King Interview - The Lion King



Harvey Krueger

by Aliza Davidovit

 There are few men who are man enough to deflect well-deserved praise and instead let it shine on the women in their lives. But Harvey M. Krueger, vice chairman of Lehman Brothers, is one such man. When trying to prompt Krueger to speak about his life success, for him all roads lead to home. His wife of 52 years, Connie, and his three adult daughters—Kathleen, Elizabeth and Abigail— and grandchildren are the foci of his abundant praise, pride and profound love. “My wife is a true lady in the old sense of the word,” Krueger expresses. “She is extremely bright, balanced and wise. Krueger tells Lifestyles that Connie has made him a better man throughout the years and also attributes the great success of his daughters to his wife.[read more]

Harvey Krueger Interview - Back to the Future


Francine LeFrak

by Aliza Davidovit

 The photographers clicked frenziedly as bare-shouldered beauties walked down the red carpet in slinky gowns and high heels. The tuxedoed Adonis-like men with well-shined shoes were equally suave and click worthy. It was easy to envy this conglomerate of who’s who bedecked in bling and bravado as they gracefully pivoted and posed for the cameras. But the envied saunter of these photographed few was halted in its stilettos when a new perspective came into view at this gala event.[read more ]

Francine LeFrak


Rami Levi

by Aliza Davidovit

 Inspite of the ravages of time and the savages of history, the Western Wall, emblematic of its beleaguered nation, still stands 19 centuries later in the eternal Jewish capital of the eternal Jewish homeland. As if in unison with the worshipers bowing and bending before it, the Wall, too, physically slants eastward, as though in deference to the Holy of Holies it once hosted. Folded into tiny pieces of paper, Jewish prayers and tears, questions and hopes, requests and dreams grout the great white stones of God’s house.The stones and the people are interlocked in one destiny—past, present and future.They sustain each other, they need each other.[read more ]

Rami Levi Interview - Come 'onna My House


Herb London

by Aliza Davidovit

When Herb London was 15 years old his teacher taught him a trick that would ultimately help him change the world. Yet, neither he nor she could have known then that her advice would rear a mind and a man who would be listed among the “Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century,” who would counsel presidents, influence domestic and foreign policy, author dozens of books, run for public office, take on the United Nations, and boldly challenge jihadists across the globe. All this he has done with the gumption of a white knight trying to prevent darkness from overtaking the world, armed not with a sword, but with a more cutting blade, his way with words. [read more]

Herb London Interview - Words To Live By

Bertie Lubner

by Aliza Davidovit

With his tiny fingers cocked like a toy gun, the precocious 4-year-old boy runs into the room, aims his imaginary bullets, says “bang, bang,” and then “shoots” my interview subject mid-interview. The playful child then runs to his grandfather, Bertie Lubner, one of South Africa’s most successful notables, gives him a big hug, and then engages his adoring patriarch for several minutes in childlike banter with spirited questioning. He is a black child, adopted by Lubner’s daughter. And with dimples as deep as Lubner’s dreams for his native homeland, this wonderful grandchild stands for everything Lubner believes in, hopes for, works for, cares for, loves, and aspires for his beloved country and people. [read more]


Bertie Lubner Interview - Fixing the World



Ranan Lurie

by Aliza Davidovit

 Whoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words has underestimated the work of Ranan Lurie. Lurie's caricatures, published in 100 countries expose international leaders (sometimes with their pants down) and portrays events with great humor. They are also imbued with keen political insight and uncanny foresight. Global leaders recognize that "Lurie's Opinion," appearing as a weekly page in Times international offers much more than a good laugh with one's morning coffee; it influences political opinions--so much so that former Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone invited Lurie to a special luncheon in an attempt to mollify the artist's future depictions of him. Syndicated in 1,092 publications, with a daily readership of 102 million, Lurie has earned a place in the Guinness World Book of Records as the most widely syndicated political cartoonist.[read more]

Ranan Lurie Interview - A Star of David


Chazan Joseph Malovany

by Aliza Davidovit

His is the voice that blesses the crying new-born child; that ushers the departed to their eternal rest; that sanctifies the lovely bride and anxious groom; and that rises boldlybefore the Almighty beseeching for mercy to heal the sick and to forgive the sinner.Throughout his life, his is the voice that has accompanied his people as a maternal hug

through all the seasons of life.[read more]

Chazan Joseph Malovany - Coming Soon


Alfred E.Mann

by Aliza Davidovit

 Alfred E. Mann’s story is the best one to read in today’s very difficult economic times. When many doubt whether brighter days are ahead, with problems that seem insurmountable, perhaps more empowering than slogans such as “Yes, we can” would be “Wow, look at what he
did.” Not one to lean on quick fixes and false promises on how to make it, it’s no wonder he would title his biography How to Succeed in Business by Really Trying—surely a jarring phenomenon for a generation addicted to immediate gratification. [read more]

 Alfred E. Mann


Jackie Mason

by Aliza Davidovit

Whoever attempts to stigmatize Jackie Mason as a borscht-belt comedian probably harbors the "too Jewish" complex and prefers sushi to gefilte fish. However, with a Tony Award and six Broadway hits under his own belt, he has undoubtedly achieved international acclaim which extends far beyond the Catskill Mountains. From Starbuck's to Israeli politicians, Mason exposes faults and foibles, hypocrisies and hilarities, few escape his agile tongue. Even God Himself is comedic material for this former Rabbi. “If a manager would run a company the way G-d runs the world, he’d be fired in a second." [read more]


Jackie Mason Interview by Aliza Davidovit

Jackie Mason

by Aliza Davidovit

 As a celebrity journalist, I have walked down many streets in Manhattan with famous faces, but the experience is never more hilarious and  entertaining than doing it with comedian Jackie Mason. Sometimes it can take 45 minutes to  travel down one short block. Every passing  stranger, with uncommon familiarity, stops to say hello and get his autograph. “Aren't you  Jackie Mason,” one fan asks.

Mason quickly replies, “I sure hope so because  I've been cashing his check every week.”... [read more]



Jackie Mason - Funnier Than Thou - Interview by Aliza Davidovit

Benjamin Netanyahu

by Aliza Davidovit

With surgical precision and military genius, an elite Israeli commando force rescued 100 hostages at Entebbe airport on July 3, 1976. With great national pride and relief, Jews around the world exulted. A whole nation rejoiced, a whole nation cried, but only one family mourned—the family of Lieutenant Colonel Yonatan Netanyahu, the sole military casualty. One young handsome Israeli leader and hero had died, and in the midst of grief, the seeds of a future prime minister were born, Benjamin Netanyahu. [read more]

netanyahu and davidovit


Benjamin Netanyahu Interview - Primed To Be Minister

netanyahu and davidovit


Leonid Nevzlin

by Aliza Davidovit

As Leonid Nevzlin walks into the Lifestyles photo studio, his impenetrable, steely eyes scrutinize the surroundings. With keen awareness, he scans the faces of the people he is meeting for the first time as he shakes their hands. I, the interviewer, get the sense of being interviewed myself. But, knowing his background, his manner becomes understandable. Born in Moscow and as a man hunted by Russian spies and targeted by Russian president Vladimir Putin, Nevzlin’s observation skills are a necessary requisite for survival. [read more]


Leonid Nevzlin INterview by Aliza Davidovit

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver

By Aliza Davidovit

In times where being a household-name is a huge plus in politics, Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver enters New Jersey’s senatorial primary race with a disadvantage. She is running against two well-known congressmen, Rush Holt and Frank Pallone, as well as Cory Booker the popular mayor from Newark, NJ, who has almost a million and half Twitter followers. That’s hard to tweet and Oliver has certainly entered a foray where not everybody knows her name; but she’s still very glad she came.... [read more]

Congressman Frank Pallone

by Aliza Davidovit

Congressman Frank Pallone’s official bio says he started in public service in 1982, serving in Congress since 1988, but the truth is he started in politics when he was in the fourth grade and ran for public council. Serving people, helping people and making this world a better place is what he has always been about.... [read more]


Alon Pinkas

by Aliza Davidovit

In a war where sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can really hurt you, Ambassador Alon Pinkas’ agile tongue cuts through Palestinian rhetoric and articulates Israel’s position with the clarity of a bell. Since the intifada began 19 months ago,
the Jewish State has found itself fighting two fierce battles: one on the ground for “homeland security,” the other on the air waves for public opinion. This eloquent 41-year-old Consul General of Israel, who appears nearly nightly on the major networks and cable news shows, has stood at the forefront of the PR battle with an apparent endless repertoire of sound bytes which “bite” right back at Israel’s detractors. [read more]

Alon Pinkas Interview - Straight Talking


Oudi Recanati

by Aliza Davidovit


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Oudi Recanati Interview - Coming Soon

Producer Daryl Roth

by Aliza Davidovit


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Producer Daryl Roth - Coming Soon


Pierre Rehov

by Aliza Davidovit

Vive la France is not a choice chant for most Jews who have sadly witnessed that country’s recurrent and blatant antisemitism. Still, it is hard not to love the seductive France that intoxicates the heart and mind with fantasies of romance—it is harder yet if you’re a woman with an affinity for men who hold the door open, who rise when you excuse yourself from the table, who make you feel like you’re the most beautiful woman in the room, and who, in an age of feminism, still appreciate the feminine. Pierre Rehov is one such Frenchman. But his intrigue goes beyond the stereotypical charms. For although there are many who would love to love him, there are even more who would love to kill him. [read more]


Pierre Rehov Interview - Double Identity


Jack Rosen

by Aliza Davidovit

 When it comes to Jack Rosen’s table, the question “Guess who’s coming to dinner?” rarely produces a common answer. Around his elegant table, in his seven-story home off Fifth Avenue, Rosen and his family have hosted presidents, senators, prime ministers, and other major players in world politics, including the Clintons and Ariel Sharon. But for Rosen and his gorgeous wife, Phyllis, it’s not simply about breaking bread with notables, it’s about breaking barriers and opening minds. [read more]


Jack Rosen Interview by Aliza Davidovit


Stephen M. Ross

by Aliza Davidovit

 As pretty young girls sample endless colors of makeup at Sephora, at Whole Food Markets deliberate shoppers fill their carriages with rice cakes and organic delights. Fashionable females slide into fabulous shoes at Stuart Weitzman, while just a few floors above friends and colleagues meet for drinks and laughs ... [read more]



Stephen M. Ross Interview by Aliza Davidovit

Howard Rubenstein

by Aliza Davidovit

 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; it was the age of high tech, it was a time of terrorism; it was the period of prosperity, it was the epoch of corporate crime; it was the season of fame and acclaim, it was the era of shame and blame; it was the spring of Hollywood love stories...[read more]


Howard Rubenstein Interview by Aliza Davidovit

Dr. David Samadi

by Aliza Davidovit

After David B. Samadi appeared on Law and Order this past June playing the role of a surgeon, he could say something that "Dr. McDreamy" of Grey's Anatomy could never boast, and that is: "I AM a real doctor and I also played one on TV." ...[read more]



Dr. David Samadi Interview by Aliza Davidovit

Gabriela Shalev

by Aliza Davidovit

 When most people start a new job they are met with encouraging words like “knock ‘em dead,” “the best of luck,” “go and get ‘em.” But things were a bit different for Ambassador Gabriela Shalev when she assumed her post in September of 2008 as Israel’s fourteenth Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Before her bags were unpacked, many told her to go back home....[read more]

Gabriela Shalev Interview by Aliza Davidovit

Dr. Mordechai Shani

by Aliza Davidovit

 A Look at Dr. Mordechai Shani's extensive resume would convince anyone that he's held more positions than a Yogi. Since 1970 he's held over 45 different titles...[read more]


Dr. Mordechai Shani Interview by Aliza Davidovit

Asaf Shariv

by Aliza Davidovit

 If you love the Jewish State of Israel, then the last face you want to see on cable news is that of an Israeli consul general. It’s not because they are not pretty” enough for airtime, but because  If they are on, it means that Israelis are dead, that a suicide bomber struck again, that human body parts are strewn across a blood drenched street, that mothers are grieving, that children are orphaned, and that a murderous blast has once again anguished the core of the promised homeland. [read more]





Asaf Shariv interviewed by Aliza Davidovit

Paul Sladkus

by Aliza Davidovit

 When Paul Sladkus says “action” and the cameras begin to roll you can be sure he is focusing on something that few others do--on something good. Unlike other news organizations that tend to focus on the negative and all that is wrong in the world, Sladkus, CEO of Good News Broadcast, searches for what’s good in this world--and he finds it. [read more]



Paul Sladkus interviewed by Aliza Davidovit

Eliot Spitzer

by Aliza Davidovit

 If New York’s newly elected governor, Eliot Spitzer, could ask God but one question, it would decisively be, “How can we do better?” ....[read more]



Eliot Spitzer Interview by Aliza Davidovit

 J. Claudio Stivelman

by Aliza Davidovit

 Of all of Claudio Stivelman's possessions—and he has many—it is a gold pocket watch his 84-year-old father, Michael, gave him just a few years ago which he treasures most. For certain, he does not need it to give him the time of day as this Miami real estate developer owns over 100 watches.  [read more]

J. Claudio Stivelman Interview by Aliza Davidovit


Ronn David Torossian

by Aliza Davidovit 

The fit, young man was walking on the treadmill at the posh New York Reebok Sports Club when his eye caught a CNN news report covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Unable to contain his anger at the skewed pro-Palestinian coverage, Ronn Torossian, a typical native New Yorker, began talking back to the TV grumbling against the inconsistencies and falsehoods of the report. Many a Jew has screamed or thrown a sock at the tube while watching CNN’s coverage of the historic conflict. Few, however, as did Torossian, find the love of his life while doing it. In fact, it is precisely because Ronn Torossian steps off the treadmill of apathy to do something about such things that today he finds himself living a dream come true. [read more]

Ronn David Torossian Interview by Aliza Davidovit

Yuri Traisman

by Aliza Davidovit

 If the walls could talk in Yuri Traisman’s Greenwich, Connecticut manor, they would weep and scream, sing and laugh, pray and rebel. But they would also know when to stay silent—for that is what they have been taught best. When night falls and the safety of darkness enters through the massive windows of his home, one can imagine the “forbidden art” collection that bedecks his walls becoming animated and creating a surreal ruckus. Joined by the sculptures and figurines, they’d all raise a toast to the one cause that forged them into existence: the will to be free...[read more]





Lindsey Vuolo

by Aliza Davidovit

 The brunette beauty let the robe slip off her soft bare shoulders and fall to the floor. Confident of her youthful, supple, naked body, Lindsey Vuolo walked gracefully toward the bed and arranged herself in a fetching pose... [read more]



Lindsey Vuolo Interview by Aliza Davidovit


Ben Weider

by Aliza Davidovit

 Indeed it takes great men to make history, but perhaps even greater men to change it. Ben Weider is one such man. In defiance to the over 200,000 books written about Napoleon, Weider's book, The Murder of Napoleon, challenges them all concluding that the French leader didn't die of cancer while in exile, but rather was murdered by the English. Why the suspicion? After supposedly suffering form cancer for 5 years, Weider questioned how it was the Napoleon died fat...

Ben Weider Interview - Coming Soon

Eitan Wertheimer

by Aliza Davidovit

 There are many ways to measure a man and evaluate his worth. Forbes magazine has ranked Eitan Wertheimer as the richest man in Israel with a net worth of $4.4 billion. But does money make a man? Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience,
but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” And it is only when measured by those standards that Wertheimer’s net worth becomes evermore priceless and he ranks number one as a mensch among men. [read more]

Eitan Wertheimer Article by Aliza Davidovit



Mayor Michael Wildes

by Aliza Davidovit

Democratic Mayor and high profile immigration
attorney Michael J. Wildes serves in deference to the woman with the biggest mouth in America. It’s not Rosie O’Donnell, Hillary Clinton, or even a Jewish mother-in-law. It’s a woman whose mouth is three-feet wide and yet has never uttered a single word. For over a century she has stood as a silent witness to the historic inflow of America’s greatest treasures—its people and their burgeoning dreams. She is Lady Liberty and her symbolic message is loud: “We will not forget that liberty here made her home.” [read more]



Mayor Michael Wildes - Coming Soon


Sir Ivan Wilzig

by Aliza Davidovit

As he walks down the streets of the world with his long cape flapping and flowing behind him, he provokes many a reaction. With peace-symbol appliqués emblazoned on his train, people cannot help but wonder who he is and why he is attired so. Some smile and bid him well, others hurl insults and caustic remarks. But it is those offensive remarks, and other more threatening ones, that reinforce the hard work Ivan Wilzig, aka Sir Ivan, has ahead of him in his fight against intolerance and ignorant hatred. He is called Peaceman. He is a singer/songwriter bearing a message of brotherly love, so why shoot the messenger? [read more]


Sir Ivan Wilzig Interview by Aliza Davidovit


Dr. Michael Bar Zohar

by Aliza Davidovit


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Dr. Michael Bar Zohar - Coming Soon

Mortimer Zuckerman

by Aliza Davidovit

There are some things, like class and charm, that even billionaires can’t buy. But, good thing for Mortimer Zuckerman, who ranks as number 211 on Forbes’ list of richest Americans, he has those qualities in natural abundance—so much so that he can de-claw the most jeering of journalists. And this “man of plenty” has not lacked his share of .... [read more]


Mortimer Zuckerman interview by Aliza Davidovit