Notable Excerpts

~“I give Ms. Davidovit the highest praise I know for a journalist:

she was above all fair and objective.”

Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of


~“Aliza Davidovit’s cover story on Aaron Brown
in the new lifestyles magazine is worth your attention.”

Larry King


 ~“The interview with Aliza was enjoyable and positive and resulted in one of my all time favorite articles (about me) to this point. She was prepared---tough and supportive at the same time—and pulled off a few surprises and refreshing takes. The opening of the article reads like poetry, but the rest of it is all substance. Aliza’s writing and interview style seems all the time and research was just plain fun. That is her gift, and it shows in her work...”


Michael Bolton


~Thanks so much for such a great, enjoyable article!

Cory Booker's Office
Mayor, Newark NJ


 ~“[Davidovit’s] feature article on Joseph Farah in Lifestyles is a very interesting article. I suggest you go read the whole thing. It’s very well done…you really need to read this.”

Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Radio talk show host, author


 ~“It was wonderful to receive the magazine with Eliot on the cover. We greatly enjoyed the look of the magazine and the content of your article. It was a pleasure to work with you Aliza.”

Eliot Spitzer’s office
Governor of NY


 ~“Aliza has the brains of Henry Kissinger and the body of Marilyn Monroe…she made me appear even more interesting than I ever thought I was.”

Jackie Mason


 ~“Now that I have been interviewed by Ms. Davidovit I'm compelled to congratulate you for having on board an excellent staff. I enjoyed a stimulating interview because of Aliza’s insightful and probing questions.”

Danny Ayalon
Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister


~“Aliza is a very talented and charming reporter—she was so well prepared and asked so many good questions—I was ready to hire a defence attorney.”

Raoul Lionel Felder


 ~“Aliza, I hope our paths cross again.”

Elie Wiesel



 ~“Congratulation on your great work with Lifestyles.”

Yann Battefort
Consulate General of
France in New York


 ~“An interview with Aliza is an experience--a very positive one. Her unique style and personality enable her to draw out the interviewee and to probe both the person and the substance. She gives journalism a good name.”

Malcolm Hoenlein
Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Orgs.


 ~“Aliza--Your article was sensitive, brilliant and articulate-- a demonstration of your extraordinary talent.”

Dr. Herbert London
President/Hudson Institute


 ~“… I have met thousands of writers, but rarely one
who produces such high quality work as does Aliza Davidovit.”

Joseph Farah

~“When I met Aliza I was very young, and she really took me under her wing. She was supportive and nurturing. She opened my eyes to many facets of the "real world", and offered suggestions, when I called on her for advice. Now six years later, and many more interviews, I realize how truly special and rare these qualities are. Her professionalism was impeccable... She's a knockout, all the way around!!”

Lindsey Vuolo
Playboy Playmate/ Miss November


 ~“Aliza is a great writer with a soul for finding each person’s truth.”

Dr. Eric Braverman
Author/Radio host


~“Without wishing to be patronizing, I have been interviewed reasonably often in my life, but never have I ever had someone with such a depth of sensitivity, matched together with such a creative and humane talent.”

Bertie Lubner
Chairman of Plate Glass & Shatterprufe Industries
South Africa’s most successful notable


 ~“The interview I had with Aliza was one of my most successful.
I commend her on her professionalism and integrity.”

Ben Weider
Publisher Shape, Muscle & Fitness


 ~“Great job on article, Aliza. Thank you!”

Brad Garrett



 ~“Aliza's interviews consistently demonstrate refreshing insight, a natural talent for getting out important detail and great sensitivity. She has a unique gift of getting to the heart of the matter before her subject even knows it.”

Gabriel Erem

Publisher & CEO/ Lifestyles


~“Aliza is a very accurate and thorough reporter and a great writer.”

Connie Chung



 ~“No one captures the journey of an individual and their contributions to our nation better than Aliza. Her journalistic talents are matched by her acute sense of what is significant and her ability to convey a snapshot into the driving force, passion, and soul of an interviewee.”

Michael J. Wildes, Esq.
Englewood, New Jersey


 ~“Aliza you’re a very good interviewer, I’ve been interviewed hundreds of times but I found you different. You ask different questions. You knew what you read and didn’t go over that territory. You’ve asked me questions that no one has ever asked me. I don’t talk much about myself. I just answer whatever’s asked of me. But you were almost like a psychiatrist. You’re a really good interviewer!”

Howard Rubenstein
PR/ Rubenstein Assoc.


 ~“Aliza’s writing is superb, crisp, full of movement, compelling, and entertaining.”

Sherrie Nicole Boland
Publisher /Wine & Dine Magazine


 ~“It was a pleasure to be interviewed by someone who has the talent, ability, and charm as demonstrated by Ms. Davidovit.”

Dannell P. Malloy
Mayor of
Stamford, CT


~“Aliza was so well prepared for the interview that she knew things about me that I had forgotten.”

Mark Kostabi


 ~"Aliza, You have great talent.  Your writing is interesting, you listen and you are very accurate...I enjoyed the experience."

Alfred E. Mann
CEO of MannKind Corporation/ Forbes Billionaire